About InQuicker

InQuicker is a web-based service designed to help patients with non-life-threatening medical emergencies avoid long wait times and crowded ER waiting rooms by holding their place online before coming in for care.

Patients who wish to use InQuicker visit http://tmh.inquicker.com, choose the emergency center or urgent care location they would like to visit and an available time slot, then relax at home until they are next in line. The service can also be used from the TMH.org homepage.

To help streamline care, InQuicker users also submit their medical history and symptoms online to receive a projected treatment time. Once the patient arrives at the ER or Urgent Care waiting room, they are guaranteed to be seen by a nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, or a physician within 15 minutes or the patient will be compensated with two tickets movie tickets.

InQuicker is not an appointment or reservation setting service, as the nature of ER triage does not allow for scheduling of medical treatment. Rather, the InQuicker system estimates treatment times based on patient traffic conditions and allows its users to wait in line from home instead of in the waiting room.

InQuicker users do not skip the ER waiting line, nor will they be seen ahead of individuals in the waiting room or impact others’ wait times. In the event of a projected treatment time delay, InQuicker users are sent real-time notifications via phone call and email, so they can continue waiting at home.

“InQuicker is intended only for individuals with non-life and non-limb threatening medical conditions. It’s simply a way for people with busy lives and busy families to conveniently access care for minor medical needs. If you’re in doubt about the severity of your condition, you should always seek immediate care by going to the nearest emergency department or calling 911,” says Sam Ashoo, MD, Medical Director of the Tallahassee Memorial’s emergency services.